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About Us

The Biden Cancer Initiative is a response to the lack of a cohesive, comprehensive and timely approach to cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research, and care.

Fueled by urgency, we stand on behalf of every patient, every family, every community having to deal with a cancer diagnosis and the complex and confusing maze they must navigate thereafter.

We are an independent nonprofit organization that builds on the White House Cancer Moonshot’s goals and grounded on Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden’s firm commitment to ending cancer as we know it.

Our work is shaped by the breadth and depth of insight, experience, and expertise of our board of directors and advisory committee.

Our Work

“We are creating the cancer research and health care system that people think we already have.”

– Joe Biden

The Biden Cancer Initiative will develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress against cancer.

Our Programs

On September 21, 2018, the Biden Cancer Summit in Washington, D.C. and in more than 450 communities focused global attention on journey of cancer patients, their families, caregivers, health care professionals, and others who are in this fight every day.

One summit about cancer is not enough. To make this relevant to the concerns of patients, families, health care providers, scientists and everyone involved in this fight, we organized more than 450 Biden Cancer Community Summits on September 21st, inspiring communities to have meaningful conversations, and develop shared action plans needed to improve the cancer journey.

#cancerFIERCE is a public engagement campaign to focused on turning the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis into FIERCE – that strength, resilience, purpose, and hope that we know is in everyone touched by cancer.

The Biden Cancer Colloquia provokes discussion and collaboration within the biotech, technology, science, and academic fields to drive innovation, technology, and breakthroughs against cancer.

The Biden Cancer Collaborative mobilizes the cancer patient and advocacy community around key priorities, promotes, and shares tried and tested approaches to addressing common problems.

Our Principles

Our Timeline

January 2016 President Obama putting Vice President Biden at mission control in the fight against cancer at the State of the Union.

April 2016 Convening the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel to hear from a diverse group of expert voices informing further action across the cancer journey

June 2016 Holding the first Cancer Moonshot Summit, bringing together experts in Washington D.C. and in over 250 communities around the country.

March 2017 Building on the White House Cancer Moonshot’s momentum, the Bidens launched the Biden Cancer Initiative at SXSW

June 2017 Launching the Biden Cancer Initiative as an independent organization focused on ending cancer as we know it

Convening the board to map out priorities and programs for the Biden Cancer Initiative

Addressing entrepreneurs at the StartUp Health Festival

Hearing from life science venture capital leaders

Getting a pulse from biopharmaceutical executives on challenges facing R&D

Challenging scientists to create moments that drive innovation at the AAAS meeting

Brainstorming and planning sessions with world-class board of directors

Getting first-hand insights on the realities of caregiving while in Austin, TX

Calling on the cancer community to share their #CANCERFIERCE stories, launching this campaign at SXSW

Learning from caregivers in Natick, Mass about the fears facing families with cancer

Holding a Colloquia at the AACR meeting to get the latest updates from key Cancer Moonshot efforts

Shaping the discussion on effectively engaging under-served communities

Speaking with patients in Nashville further drives the urgency of our work

Listening to caregivers' experiences in Portland, OR punctuates the need for more effective navigation

Visiting research centers gives us insight into what drives innovation

Navigating the confusing cancer maze can only help patients and their families at the AONN+ annual gathering

Focusing on bringing together sectors and disciplines at the Milken Institute Global Conference

Inspired by the resilience and commitment of families and healthcare providers we met at St. Jude Children's Hospital

Bringing together patient advocacy organizations for the first-ever Biden Cancer Collaborative Forum

Putting the spotlight on how the patient experience can improve research and care at the Biden Cancer Collaborative Forum

Filming the module focused on supporting the patient beyond the diagnosis

Capturing a moment shared by two leaders whose cancer experiences have shaped their lives

Convening the data sharing workshop addresses barriers, focuses on realistic solutions

Raising awareness to support families of children with cancer alongside Imagine Dragons and NFL Coach Tom Coughlin

Focusing national attention on the urgency of now at the Biden Cancer Summit

Sharing lessons learned and best practices with scientists at the Imperial College London

Focusing on practical way to improve the cancer experience at the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor program

Sharing insights on leadership and advocacy at the Broad Institute alongside board member Eric Lander

Finding ways to accelerate promising solutions at the CEO Roundtable on Cancer

Challenging academic journals to rethink how to share data to better serve patients

Inspiring those who inspire cancer patients daily to never lose sight of hope

Defining the path to creating a system that patients deserve during a a talk at the Medical University of South Carolina

Making the case at the StartUp Health Festival that innovation saves lives

Convening leading experts at a collaborative forum at WeWork to discuss ways to better share patient data between cancer centers.

Advocating at the National Minority Quality Forum Summit on health disparities, delivering quality cancer care to diverse populations around the country.