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Local Solutions | National Narrative

In 2016, the launch of the White House Cancer Moonshot galvanized a movement to double the rate of progress against cancer. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations from across industries and sectors throughout the country convened to develop solutions and partnerships that are improving cancer outcomes and saving lives. Together, we made tremendous progress, but our work is not done.

So, on September 21, 2018, Biden Cancer Community Summits in Washington, D.C. and all across the country focused national attention on the urgency to build on this momentum through community-driven action, ideas, and solutions.

The Biden Cancer Initiative has developed this planning toolkit and content modules, including video discussions and additional information resources, to provide guidelines for continued dialogue and action on cancer at the local level.

The most effective, meaningful, and sustainable solutions against cancer are grounded in the community’s realities. This toolkit:

  • creates an opportunity for you to share experiences and lessons, and most importantly, come together to map out actions needed to support cancer patients and families; and
  • provides the foundation for a cohesive national narrative that connects and scales ideas and approaches, to provoke action needed to accelerate progress in cancer research and care.

Planning Toolkit